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Welcome to the Urban Science Academy's Website!
Established in 2005, Urban Science Academy focuses on important issues in relation to science and the world. Our essential question, “What is our place in the world?,” allows students to consider and challenge themselves to take part in finding their interests, as well as how they can contribute to the communities around them. Our classes consist of Humanities, Mathematics, Foreign Language and the sciences: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Each class, in their own way, recognizes what part they attribute to the world, while at the same time empowering students to learn more.


Urban Science Academy Students to Help Rebuild New Orleans

At the Urban Science Academy (USA), beyond providing our students with outstanding teachers, we strive to provide numerous extra curricular opportunities, in part through our elective and after school program. One such opportunity, which began in January, involves a group of 10 USA 11th and 12th grade students, led by Mr. Cook and Ms. Sutton-Jordan, who are preparing to embark on their 5th annual five-day community service trip in May to New Orleans where they will be helping to rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

The USA student community service group has been meeting since early January to plan for the trip, engage in team building activities, organize fundraisers, and learn more about issues impacting New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. Upon our return from the trip, we will meet to plan a presentation of our experiences to share with the USA community.

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